Quarantine Karo Na: 5 Ways to Have a Happy Skin

With quarantine and chill becoming the new motto, we’re seeing a lot of people pay extra attention to self-care. From home workouts to indulging in learning new things and forming new habits, people are doing all the things they’ve wanted to.


Unfortunately, the WFH stress and the Coronavirus hype is taking a toll on most of us. We highly recommend going a step further and taking special care of your skin during such times. Here are 5 ways to have happy skin during quarantine:

1. Moisturize

We’re been indoors for quite some time now. Most of us could be experiencing dryness. The one thing that your skin definitely needs right now is to be moisturized! Use home staples like olive oil, honey or coconut oil as they contain natural antimicrobial properties.

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2. DIY hacks 

What better than using age-old home remedies as an affordable way to get flawless skin? Use ingredients like turmeric, lemon, honey and others to keep your skin healthy.

3. Wash your face

Even though you aren’t directly exposed to pollution or other harmful elements, experts recommend washing your face daily and exfoliating up to three times a week so that you’re getting rid of any excess oil, debris or bacteria.

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4. Skip the screen

The blue light that your phone emits can harm your skin leading to skin ageing and dark spots. On the other hand, looking down constantly at your home can lead to early wrinkling of the skin on your neck. So, make sure you’re taking breaks.

5. Wear your sunscreen

If you think that you can skip your SPF routine because you aren’t going outside the house, think again. UVB rays can harm you even through the glass so it’s best to apply your sunscreen even if you are home.