Emily DiDonato & 10 tips for radiant skin without makeup

Emily DiDonato is no longer just to envy her bright blue eyes, according to her YouTube video, in which you see her completely without make-up – her glowing skin also raises the question with some of us, with which tricks the model uses his enviable, flawless Skin complexion reached. On her YouTube channel,


she shares several make-up and skin care tips every month , including her guide to a radiant complexion – without any make-up.

Emily DiDonato’s guide to radiant skin without makeup

1, Abschminken: Make sure that you’re getting rid of everything in the evening make-up and thoroughly abschminken. “When I go to bed with my makeup, my skin looks drier in the morning. My favorite cleanser is a jelly cleaner from Drunk Elephant,” says Emily.

2. Training: “Even if the training is short and crisp: the blushing and sweating that goes with the workout brings a natural blush to the face due to the increased blood flow.” Sweating also means that free radicals can be broken down with the help of antioxidants so that they cannot harm the cells. Second, increased blood circulation promotes the faster removal of dead cells from the skin surface.

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3. Peeling: “I always do it before work. It is important to remove dead skin and stimulate blood circulation. I love the peeling mask from Summer Fridays , but I also do my own sugar peeling with olive oil and use it all over my body, on the face and lips. “

4. Brush your lips: “I use my toothbrush to give the lips better blood flow so that they look fuller and rosier,” the model tells us. If you then apply some coconut oil to your lips and massage it in gently, your lips will look much fuller and plumper.

5. Lip balm: “I use an ‘aquaphor’ lip balm . Lip balm is so important to underline the unvarnished look.” It makes the lips look neat and, when used regularly, prevents you from getting dry and cracked lips that peel.

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6. Antioxidant serums: Serums are the be-all and end-all of skin care: “I love all types of antioxidants. My favorite is a Vitamin-C serum from SkinCeuticals , it helps to balance my skin tone and make my skin glow. I mix it with me a vegetable oil such as rosehip. Another serum that I love is the plankton elixir from Biotherm , it regenerates the skin and provides a lot of moisture. ” If you want to add extra glow to your skin, use a hyaluronic serum . It moisturizes the skin, absorbs it directly and cushions it from the inside.

7. Moisture: “Super important! I use ‘ Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion’ from Biotherm because it is really very moisturizing. I always take it with me on a plane.” You should apply a moisturizing cream both in the morning and in the evening to support the skin’s regeneration process and counteract dry skin areas.

8. Retinol: “I use prescription retinol , but you can also buy it over the counter. I feel like it really shrinks my pores and helps with anti-aging.” Dry , pale skin, which already has a few wrinkles, changes to a fuller, more vital looking skin thanks to the active ingredient – the secret for younger and fresher looking skin.

9. Eyelash curler: “Use an eyelash curler in the morning to bend your eyelashes. It opens your eyes and makes you look more awake even if you don’t wear mascara,” says the model.

10. Eyebrow Brush: “We all want our brows to look as full as possible. Sometimes I do hairspray on the end of the brush to fix my eyebrows with it.”