Ariel Winter Is Pretty Much Naked on Instagram and DGAF

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter Modern Family” is a ginormous show, but, if we’re being honest, Ariel Winter‘s sexy social media pics are almost making her more famous than her acting nowadays.

Case in point: A few hours after revealing she’s single on Instagram in June 2016, Winter celebrated a social-media milestone by reaching 2 million followers when she posted a photo in a very tiny bikini (she know has 3.5 million followers, BTW). The photo didn’t come as a huge surprise coming from Winter, who tweaked her public image after turning 18 and regularly shares pics that leave little to the imagination (in other words, she’s basically naked).

While some followers consider these photos overwhlemingingly body positive— here’s no arguing with the fact  Winter has a killer shape and enviable curves she’s proud of—others think it’s unnecessary for a young woman with such a promising career to stoop to the same standards as dime-a-dozen reality TV stars and “Insta” girls who send a message that their bodies are their main offering, courting the male gaze regularly by posting sexualized imagery with little context.

Still, whatever side you’re on, it’s obvious that Winter isn’t letting body-shaming go to her head, and often posts triumphant replies to haters. For instance, the actress shared a photo of a graduation party dress that pretty explicitly exposed her breasts—a choice she made on her own—and it drew thousands of comments, including ones that applauded the teen (“you look amazing in that dress!”) and others that were a little—nay, a lot—less effusive. A day later, Winter to social media to clap back at her critics.

“Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress,” she tweeted. “And if you hate it, don’t buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel #EmbraceYourBody.”

Like the Kim Kardashians of the world before her, Winter clearly turned what many perceive as a negative into a women’s lib battle cry of sorts, prompting the question of whether women who choose to freely show their bodies in whatever way they want are redefining feminism for a modern age or, well, not.

It’s a conversation we need to have, given the prevalence of—to put it plainly—very naked women at every turn on social media. Society’s instinct is to implore women to cover up, but it’s hard to tell a female who’s proud of her body (especially when it’s not unrealistically emaciated) to stop being that way.

But either way, Winter DGAF what haters say, and she’s going to keep doing her thing.