Jumanji: The 7 Best Movies of Robin Williams

As Jumanji plays tonight on TMC, back on the 7 best movies of Robin Williams who rocked a whole generation of children born in the 90s.


1. “Jumanji” by Joe Johnston (1995)

In 1969, Alan Parrish discovered a mysterious game, the Jumanji, and decided to play it one evening with his neighbor Sarah Whittle. He rolls the dice, and an inscription appears: “In the jungle you will wait, a 5 or an 8 will deliver you” . The boy suddenly gets sucked into the game and disappears, leaving Sarah terrified who buries herself chased by bats out of the fireplace. Alan’s parents will never find him. 26 years later, Judith and Peter, two oprhelins, Judith ( Kirsten Dunst ) and Peter move with their aunt Nora in the former home of the Parrish abandoned for years. One day, the children hear the sounds of a drum, it is Jumanji who calls them. They find this enigmatic wooden tray in the attic and start playing. Furious chimpanzees, attack by a lion … Creatures straight out of the Jumanji jungle disembark in the villa until the arrival of a man from the woods who is none other than Alan, finally delivered. Helped by his former neighbor Sarah and Judith and Peter, Alan will do everything to finish this cursed part, at his own risk …

2. “Hook” by Steven Spielberg (1991)

Peter Pan has one day left the Imaginary Country … But Captain Hook ( Dustin Hoffmann ) has not forgotten the affront of the flying child who made him lose his hand. He kidnaps the children of Peter, who has become an adult and the husband of Moira, granddaughter of Wendy , and makes them prisoners of his boat. The Tinkerbell ( Julia Roberts ) returns to the real world to bring Peter back to the Imaginary Land, but he has forgotten his true identity. Back by force in the land where he reigned supreme in the midst of the Lost Children, Peter gradually remembers who he was, and leaves to save his children. A final battle with his lifelong enemy is inevitable. Hook five-time Oscar winnerdirected by Steven Spielberg is a cinematographic gem, awakening the child’s soul that lies dormant in each of us.


3. “Will Hunting” (1997)

This film directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck paints a portrait of Will Hunting, an unpredictable rebel genius. Born in the popular district of South Boston, he stopped his studies despite the bright future promised by his extraordinary intelligence. Aimlessly, Will spends his life in bars surrounded by his friends, committing crimes that risk sending him to prison. But his gifts in mathematics attract the attention of Professor Lambeau of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, camped by a Robin Williams at the top, who will be awarded the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role in 1998.

4. “Mrs Doubtfire” (1994)

Deemed too lax, Daniel lost custody of his three children. Faced with this heartbreaking decision of the Court, he finds a ploy to be able to see his children every day: disguising himself as a housekeeper. Thanks to his acting skills and his prosthetist brother, he becomes Mrs Doubtfire , an old Scottish lady as caring as funny who seduces Miranda , his ex-wife, who hires him. Thus made up , Daniel brings happiness to the home, but the illusion will be short-lived … It is certainly one of the best roles of Robin Williams , perhaps the most touching. He was also awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in 1994.

5. “The Circle of Missing Poets” by Peter Weir (1990)

John Keating is a professor of English literature with original methods who teaches in the austere academy of Welton, in the state of Vermont. His creed? Bring out the personality of his students and give them a taste of freedom. An anti-conformist practice that will push a group of students to revive the circle of missing poets, a group of free spirits, of which John was a member in his youth. But in 1959, this kind of revolutionary action went against the rigid rules of American society. For this teaching role that any student would dream of having, Robin Williams was named to the Oscar for Best Actor in 1990.

6. “Flubber” by Les Mayfield (1997)

Robin Williams deploys his entire comic palette in the irresistible and light Flubber in which he camps a professor who works on new forms of energy, assisted by his robot Weebo. Hard of work, he forgets to go twice to his wedding. His future wife Sarah is on the verge of leaving him but Philip promises to change him. One day, he creates a green substance which he calls flubber, endowed with a will and capable of metamorphosing, stretching, multiplying and bouncing endlessly. Thanks to the energy supplied by flubber, he transforms his car into a flying machine. But this revolutionary little green eraser attracts a lot of lust …

7. “Good Morning, Vietnam” by Barry Levinson (1987)

Good Morning, Vietnam is one of the first flagship films of Robin Williams , which made him known to the general public. He plays Adrian Cronauer, an American aviation soldier and animator who is very successful thanks to his radio broadcast on the American armed forces, in the midst of the Vietnam War. Based in Saigon, the host brings a touch of madness on the air, opening his show with a thunderous Good Morning, Vietnam! but his irreverent remarks and his caricatures offend his superiors. More sassy than ever, Adrian will one day cross the red line … The boosted performance of Robin Williams was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in 1988.